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Landseer (Europäisch kontinentaler Typ) -Dog Breed

Landseer (Europäisch kontinentaler Typ) -Dog Breed

The Landseer was created by German and Swiss dog's experts who were inspired by depictions of the large black and white dog made by the proclaimed ...

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The Landseer dog - Large , sweet , gentleness, and serenity


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Rocky,Otto and Augustus the Landseer swimming

Augustus Domino the Newfoundland Landseer swimming and Rocky Too the Newfoundland trying to stop Brad from swimming as he doesn't believe he's ...

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Landseer: Informationen zur Rasse

Kurzbeschreibung: Landseer bis 80 cm / 80 kg Beschreibung Englische Seeleute brachten den Landseer aus Neufundland nach England. Dort wurde er seiner ...

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Landseer puppies' first 12 weeks

This movie presents Landseer ECT Izzy's second litter. 5 strong dynamic puppies. Watch Frodo, Fargo, Ferdinand, Fergie and Faith in their first 3 months.

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Landseer puppies


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Landseer Newfoundland Dog Tricks 1 - Mishka

Mishka is 16 months old and has been a pleasure to teach! In this video I have a combo of Obedience, Tricks and Water Rescue Training. All taught using ...

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Landseer op Trampoline

Arthos doet even knettergek op de trampoline.

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2017-11-12 WDS Landseer ECT Males

World Dog Show, Leipzig, 12.11.2017. Landseer E.C.T ring. Males.

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Landseer och Boxer

Landseer Andrew leker med Boxervalpen Vicky.

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Leonberger and landseer playing


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Landseer Puppy 9 weeks

Merry Christmas from Walter the Landseer. 9 weeks and 12 kg.

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... das macht Landseer Thyra bei 37 °C :-)

Landseer schwimmen gern und viel ... unsere Thyra könnte den ganzen Tag durchschwimmen :-) Musik: Laura Jorgensen ...

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My Giant Dog! A Landseer Newfoundland!

I had never known the love of a Newfoundland until I got Kira. What a Gentle Giant of a bear! This is Kira shortly after her 1st birthday. :-) Can you tell she wants ...

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Landseer playing with 4 year old girl


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1. WAG freier Landseer - Saisonauftakt 2017


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Trick training with Landseer ECT Indra


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Landseer Newfoundland - big dog breed

Landseer was first considered a variant of Newfoundland because it has the same character and the same abilities as the dog. Hefty, well built, this dog was ...

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Edwin Henry Landseer: A collection of 162 paintings (HD)

Edwin Henry Landseer: A collection of 162 paintings (HD) Description: \

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Titan 7 months old Landseer Newfoundland

Titan exploring his backyard and discovering new things to chew on as the snow melts and his first summer arrives.....

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Landseer Funnnnn

Arthos & Safira.

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Landseer puppies eating

All 14 puppies from the same pedigree. 8 weeks old. \

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Angry Landseer Newfoundland dog Sara vs Charlie

dogfight vs poor little stabyhoun Charlie.

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Landseer-Welpen vom Kranenburger Bruch , Freigang

Hallo, Hier seht Ihr Chimana mit ihren Baby´s . Sie wird bei der Erziehung von Emma und Dakota unterstützt.

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Landseer Caesar loves to play

7 month old Caesar loves to play. In this video he cavorts with fellow foster dog Tommy, a 6 month old Beagle. Caesar is in the care of Newf Friends ...

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Pacific Coast Landseers: Landseer ECT Angie and her puppies in their first weeks

Pacific Coast Landseers: See Landseer ECT Angie and her puppies in their first weeks. Enjoy the interaction between a 5 months old puppy and the 6 weeks old ...

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Landseer und Wasser


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Landseer swimming 13 weeks old

Butterfly Bellissima GlemBell first swimming 13 weeks old.

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2017-11-12 WDS Landseer ECT Females

World Dog Show, Leipzig, 12.11.2017. Landseer E.C.T ring. Females.

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Landseer Water Work

Landseer Iso & Inna Water work Pandas des terres rouges - Elevage de Landseer - Terre neuve.

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Landseer Newfoundland

Our 9 week old Landseer Newfie exploring his new home. He is such a joy.

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World Dog Show 2014, Helsinki Finland, Landseer, Part 1 - Dogs

World Dog Show 2014 Helsinki Finland Landseer Dogs.

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Mauritz ....Landseer ECT

mauritz van Pupt tot heden en een beetje Arthos.

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Landseer von der Schwanenburg

http://www.landseer-info.de/ Landseer von der Schwanenburg - unsere geliebten Flecken. Bilder unserer Hunde.

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Bikejöring with landseer


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Baby Landseer playing

baby landseer discovering a small world.

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